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The VideoMonitoring security system isn't just an alarm system. It's video verification of an actual intruder, the ability to take a look-in at your premises when you want, as well as system arming and disarming-all at the convenience of your smartphone.

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Why it is the superior security method

Our equipment cannot be hacked like other alarm companies' systems.

Videofied equipment is encrypted and uses a constantly changing radio frequency key to secure communications. Read more from Wired magazine about the perils of alarm systems that are susceptible to hacking.

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A picture's worth a thousand words. VideoMonitoring's value is in providing faster and more accurate responses to unwanted activity, compared to traditional security systems. Offering a complete alarm system which features video intrusion verification, remote arming, remote look-in and more, at an affordable price.

  • Wireless devices that can be installed anywhere-with indoor MotionViewers delivering color video in the day, and monochrome video in the dark.
  • Videos are quickly and consistently transmitted over a cellular or IP network, without compromising your privacy.
  • Get peace of mind, even when you're on the go. A mobile friendly web portal makes it easy to monitor your premises and control your VideoMonitoring system at any time.
  • VideoMonitoring isn't just an alarm system, it's video verification of an actual intruder-the kind of proof which leads to priority police dispatch.
  • Faster response times lead to increased arrests and lowered insurance claims.

How VideoMonitoring Verification Works


A motion viewer is tripped by movement.


The integrated video camera begins recording a 10 second clip of the event in progress.


The video clip is sent to the monitoring facility as it's being recorded.


Monitoring facility operators review the video and dispatch authorities for priority response.

What you get

VideoMonitoring alarms monitorined 24 hours 7 days a week by operators trained specifically for Video Alarms.

XT-IP 620 Control Panel

The control panel is the hub of our system, communicating with VideoMonitoring MotionViewers and peripheral devices over military-grade RF and transmitting video alarms/signals over 3G cellular and/or Ethernet (IP) to the EMERgency24 central monitoring station.

XMA 621 Keypad

The Indoor Keypad is a battery operated, wireless alphanumeric keypad designed for configuring/programming and operating VideoMonitoring security systems.

IMV 601 MotionViewer

The Indoor MotionViewer is a battery-powered motion sensor with an integrated digital video camera and infrared illuminators. It is designed to detect an intruder, instantaneously record 7-10 seconds of video and send the video alarm signal to our control panel and then to the EMERgency24 central monitoring station via cellular or Ethernet.

IDC 601 Door Contacts

The Door/Window Contact is a battery operated, wireless door contact intended for use in detecting the opening and closing of doors, windows, or cabinet doors/drawers.

Smartphone Mobile Look-in & Arm/Disarm

With the VideoMonitoring mobile friendly interface you can remotely arm/disarm your VideoMonitoring security system and request Look-in from any MotionViewer at any time.

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You'll receive:

  • 1 Control Panel
  • 1 Arming Keypad
  • 1 MotionViewer Camera
  • 2 Door Contacts
  • Smartphone compatible interface (for remote arm/disarm and look-in)
  • 24/7 surveillance by trained monitors
  • Priority response by law enforcement officials

About EMERgency24

EMERgency24 monitoring centers have provided around-the-clock service to protect millions of lives and billions in assets. With more than 40 years experience in emergency dispatching, you can count on our experience and expertise when it is needed most.

A History of Innovation

Since 1967, EMERgency24, Inc. has been a leader in the fire/burglar industry by streamlining the monitoring process. It was the first company to computerize the monitoring system and remains ahead of the industry's technological curve with proprietary dispatching software written by our in-house programmers.

A Focus on Client Satisfaction

EMERgency24 monitors are specially trained to assist people during emergency situations in their homes. There are no "rules" about how much time we spend on the phone with a subscriber in need. Our only concern is that we dispatch responders as quickly as possible and that the subscriber is comforted until help arrives.

24/7 Protection

As an Underwriters Laboratories listed central station company, EMERgency24 was designed as a mission-critical network that will never fail. Every conceivable point of failure is backed up to ensure ongoing operations. Further, with five central stations in the EMERgency24 network, we will maintain operations even during a time of regional disaster.